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Summer’s Almost Over

31 August, 07:15, by admin

The leaves will start falling, there will be raking to do. It will be time to get your yard and garden ready for the fall of the year. Time to change the decorations around for the season. This is a good time to get those Greenhouses you have been wanting to fill with the next springs flowers. At online discount mart, they have everything you need to wrap up the summer and get ready for Fall. Halloween is just around the corner and you need decorations for the home and yard. Don’t forget to check out those Greenhouses that are priced competitively.

325-350 Million Dollar Lottery

31 August, 07:01, by admin

Well tonight is the night that someone may win the Mega Millions at The Georgia Lottery. I sure hope that it’s me. Wouldn’t it be great to get your family out of debt and make a difference in the lives of a lot of people. Give the worthy charity’s some funds to operate more effectively. You may even go out and buy a advertising company pays Bloggers to write their ad campaigns. I have read story’s of people that have won lottery’s told about how miserable their life was after winning. Sounds to me that these people just didn’t have a plan in life.

Time for a Break

31 August, 01:25, by admin

At VLBO where you can rent a place that says welcome and you rent from the owners of the property.

Lottery Fever

31 August, 00:58, by admin

I am talking about the Georgia Lottery, tomorrow night some lucky person stands the chance to win 325 Million dollars. Let me tell you that here in Bugtussel on the river, thats a lot of cash. I can only dream of what it would be like to win that kind of money. I know my life would change drastically, and I hope it would be for the better. They say that a Fool and his money will soon Part. I whole heartedly believe that. There are so many deserving causes out there, that could use my help if I were to win that big ole lottery. If I won I think I would have to move from Bugtussel.

Old Saint Nick don’t know this trick!

29 August, 13:19, by admin

But you will, everybody likes to save as much of their hard earned cash as possible. You can save with the voucher from your favorite place to shop.
Shopping from the U.K. has never been easier, and when you save on that new Plasma T V you have been eying, get your Pixmania voucher and put some of that money back in your pocket. Webby planet has over 2000 active coupons there is a voucher for you. The holidays are around the corner so why not help old Saint Nick out and save some cash.

What A Dinner

28 August, 23:45, by admin

This evening when I came home from work, my wonderful husband had prepared a meal that was just wonderful. He had went to the trouble of making Chicken Tenders, Turnip Greens, Pinto Beans, Cornbread, Fresh Garden Tomato, Fresh Garden Potato,creamed, and jalapeño pepper pickled wit juice to go over the Greens. It was delish. I have to rest after that big meal.See you next time!!

Bike Riding

28 August, 20:39, by admin

Remember when you got your first bicycle, your eyes wide open and grinning from ear to ear. Sure you do, and it was probably a little 12 or 16 inch bike. Then after you had your bike for a while the training wheels came off and you were ready to ride on your own with no help from Mom or Dad. You felt as if you were as big as anyone that could ride a bike. As your confidence grew, you were with your friends and riding cruiser bikes all over the neighborhood. Then came the 20 inch bike and boy would that thing go. You probably had the fastest bike in the neighborhood.

You got older then came the 24 inch bike and you and a couple of your buddies would ride on those cruiser bikes and do tricks for the ladies or the guys that you sort of liked. Then came the 26 inch bike and boy oh boy you were big time now, you would ride to your girlfriend or boyfriends house and hang out together, riding those bikes everywhere you were, and were not permitted to go. When you get your learner’s license and the bike gets put to the wayside. Probably it got handed down to one of your younger siblings.

Remember all the pleasure you had on cruiser bikes, well you can get that big smile back on your face with a beach cruiser. They are so affordable to you that you can’t afford not to get one. Not only will you enjoy yourself again but the health benefits you get from those cruiser bikes is a Cardio workout that is second to none. As with any exercise program you will want to consult your Doctor to make sure you are ready to take on this good time to be had.

My Sheetrock is Finished

28 August, 00:18, by admin

Whoooppeee, the guys that were doing my Sheetrock finishing have finally finished. Now it’s painting time, but thats no problem I have a professional quality airless sprayer. In less than an hour that baby will be painted. I will walk through that thing like a dose of salts. Then come the ceiling fans and the floor covering and that baby is ready to live in. I have been waiting on this day a long time.

Hot ‘Lanta has cooled down

27 August, 22:43, by admin

Finally it happened,Our high temp today was 91, I think tomorrow the high will be 88. I know this is still hot , but not like it was in the triple digits. Atlanta is notorious for it’s extreme temps. One day it may be 37 the next it may be 73, you just never know what it’s going to be. I had a lady tell me one time that sex was like snow, you never know how long it will last ,or, how many inches you will get. I hope this last line does not offend anybody,I was merely trying to add a little humor to the weather.

Replace those cables

27 August, 20:38, by admin

Do you have worn cables you may sometimes have to wiggle to make them work, we have all done it. How is your HDMI cable, well to get the connection and the quality of a power cord you need a company that makes good quality and long lasting Cables. Maybe you need power management system, optic cable, USB, RCA, most any type you need you can get it at very good prices. They even have bulk cable for those that like to make their own. So quit wiggling that old worn out cable and replace it with a good quality one.

Online Storage

27 August, 01:06, by admin

Do you have a lot of files you need stored. You can get the same technique used by Fortune 500 company’s rely on to make their data secure. So you have hundreds of megabytes of pictures, files, data, and sub files, no problem the have a program for you to use. The pricing is very competitive, Only 9.95 per month for 5 MB of storage. With online storage you are getting the security you expect, plus you get to clean some of the clutter from your system so it will operate more smoothly. You can link this to your desktop and with a click of the mouse you have accessed your files. Get in touch with the guys at this storage company, and secure your data today

Got A Headache?

26 August, 17:43, by admin

Millions of people experience headaches, some get so severe that a person just can’t function. Those who have had a severe Migraine headache know exactly what I am talking about. You go to get headache treatment from your Doctor and it can be a hit and miss trial. at the New York Headache Center, they have neurologist and practitioners that have tried and trued methods for relief. Each person has a unique situation that may be causing this problem. It can be stress related or it may be that chocolate bar you had. There are many connections that have been diagnosed as being the cause of most headache problems. So if you are one of the millions, go to the NYHC and get your problem taken care of.

Japan .vs. Warner Robbins Georgia

26 August, 13:41, by admin

Today is a very special day in Georgia as we get to watch a group of young men represent our state, and the United States in the Little League World Series. It’s a great accomplishment from this team from Warner Robbins, Georgia.

It was just last year when we watched another group of Little League ball players from Columbus, Georgia represent the United States in the Little League World Series. Those guys went out and won it all for our state, country, and most importantly, for their selfs. We have a lot of love and respect for our coaches and parents that take the time to spend with these young kids. All the sacrifices the parents have to make to get their kids to the practices and games and the same goes for the coaches that do a great job in keeping everything together. It’s great to see these boys from Warner Robbins win the U.S. title and will go out and represent our team against Japan today.

Good Luck to you Warner Robbins as the whole state of Georgia, the Untied States, and even our president will be watching you guys go out and play against Japan!

Affordable Advertising

26 August, 02:37, by admin

You will not believe this deal. Do you have a trade show or a certain product that you want to be where it can really be seen, then you need to look into this banner stand to make you get noticed. These are great for presentations. You get a giant 33×78 screen for your graphic.You get the stand and a nylon carrying bag to go with this great deal.

You just can’t go wrong with this size of a banner for what little money it cost you. Get your graphic together ans order your banner today to show everybody that you are serious about what you have to offer.

Nascar At Bristol Night Race

26 August, 02:22, by admin

O K everybody loves Daytona, Talledega, Atlanta, Darlington, when it it comes to the NASCAR nextell circuit. But I love Bristol better than all those tracks together. It’s like you’re in a bowl and there is not a bad seat in the speedway. If you have never been to this night race,and get lucky enough to get tickets to go ,You had better take your ear plugs with you or you may never hear again. You can feel the vibration of all the Horsepower as the cars go around the track. I know this is going to be Kurt Busch’s night again. Ga Kurt

Start your own buisiness at home

25 August, 19:48, by admin

I am not going to try to sell you the same old hype that you can earn $5-10,000.00 each month and become financially independent. This is a simple and proven method that will earn you extra cash to help make those ends meet. This product sell it’s self, and is comparable to items you would see in Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, and other fine department stores. If you start selling fashion jewelry at flea markets, festivals, or host parties in your home, this will sell its self. All you have to do is display it and it will sell.

A cold Front hits Atlanta

25 August, 19:22, by admin

Wow, it’s about time that the temperature dropped below 100 degrees in Atlanta. Today we have a cool 95 and it feels great to be below the mean 3 digit reading. Next week it is supposed to be a high of only 90-93 degrees. The cold front is arriving! I know this sounds a little extreme but those few degrees in temps can be the difference of life and death, especially for our senior citizens and the ones with health problems. Small children don’t do well in this oppressive heat either. I have 2 Jack Russell terriers that like to ride with me, and when it’s hot outside ,I carry my extra set of keys and leave the A/C on for the dogs when I have to leave my vehicle. If you see Baby’s or animals in a closed car in high heat, do the right thing and dial 911 immediately to report the cruel punishment.

Affordable Life Insurance

25 August, 19:07, by admin

There are a lot of people that don’t want to discuss life insurance with any one. The facts are this; if you are young and have a family you need a lot of coverage to protect your family in the event of an un timely death. To get the most protection for the least amount of money is to buy term life insurance. A good place to start is with a 20 year level term plan, this way the premium stays the same for 20 years and the face amount of the policy remains the same also. So f you have $300,000.00 worth of term life, and your premium is $28.75 per month, this all stays the same for your initial 20 year term. In my opinion this is the way to buy life insurance.

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R/C Cars and Trucks

25 August, 18:54, by admin

Are there any Radio Control car and truck enthusiast out there. I have a monster truck that I have hopped up a little bit, it’s a Traxxas T Maxx 1/10th scale nitro burning truck. I have modified it with a Picco Max 26 engine this baby puts out 2.5 horse power. So runnung about 50+ MPH this baby will walk the dog. I can do wheelies on demand. If I am running 30 MPH all I have to do is give the throttle and this baby will do wheelies forever.Its a 4 wheel drive truck that can go almost anywhere.

I also have a Traxxas Nitro 4 Tech with a 3.3 nitro engine that will do over 70 + MPH It is 4 wheel drive car and I can spin it out at 55 easy. You have just gor to see one these Nitro Burning vehicles in action to believe it. There are tracks all over the world and they race these things and have championships and all. Because it is real racing. It is relatively inexpensive to get started in this wonderful hobby.

Do you need money

25 August, 02:38, by admin

I will answer this for you, yes everybody does. Money is what keeps the world working. Sometimes we get into a situation when we just don’t have enough of it to meet our commitments. At some point in your life you will have to have loans even if it’s just to establish credit. You may want to buy a car and need to get a loan, you may want to buy a house and have to get a mortgage loan. There are many types of loans available for people to pursue. May you have bad credit and need a loan, there are loans there for you also. You may get charged a higher interest rate but there are loans for you. The guys at may be able to help you with your situation, but you won’t know if you don’t ask. Get in touch with these guys and see what they can do for you.