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Being a professional Politician

16 July, 20:35, by admin

After careful consideration I have come to the conclusion that if you know how to Lie, Cheat and Steal, you can be a Professional politician. Just look at our President, a truthful guy ain’t he. George W may not actually be from Texas. He’s a little sawed off squirt, but he can tell some tall ones. He must be part Texan, because only half of him fits the profile. I voted for him the first time, but it only took 4 years to see the kind of man he is. Oh well thats enough of my getting ill at him and his demeanor for today. How do you feel about him?

There are bugs in my Hot Tub!

14 July, 14:40, by admin

There’s not anything more aggravating than bugs in the hot tub. You have to clean and vacuum and check it to make sure it’s ready to relax in. You can keep the bugs out if you have a hot tub cover or a Spa Cover.The cover guy has covers to fit precisely your tub or spa. These are high quality covers that will do the job for you. Are you worried about snow load, the cover guy has covered as well. The extreme series will handle the load. There are all kinds of accessories for your tub or spa available to you and you don’t even have to leave your home to get them.

So have your tub or spa ready for your pleasure next time when you need some good old relaxation without the worry of having to clean the bugs out before it can be used. See The Cover Guy, for all your tub and spa needs.

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Stop Animal Abuse

14 July, 14:12, by admin

There is nothing that makes me madder than someone who will abuse an animal. You see it all the time on the news, but when it gets close to home it really gets to me. I have a neighbor who has a pretty mixed breed dog that craves someone to play and pay some attention to. These people are gone for most of the time and never come home except to check their mail and feed the dog sometimes.

I go every day to make sure that it has fresh water and food.There is a little girl that lives down the street and I pay her to walk the dog daily. This has just started recently and I haven’t had the opportunity to discuss this with the neighbor. This may cause some hard feelings when I approach them about this, but they should be in their dogs place and see how they like it.

Start your own buisiness the Right way

14 July, 11:35, by admin

Starting your own business can be one un-nerving experience, one that you better get your ducks in a row on. This is a subject that I know a little about, because I have done it. You will need professional help to do it right. Do you want to incorporate your business? What kind of tax filing status do you want your company in. Do you want a C corporation, S corporation, Limited Liability Corporation, or a sole proprietor? Visit Nevada Inc., It does not matter what state you are in, If you want to start a business , no problem, professional help is available to you. I know you think that it will be a big risk and you may even be scared.

What I am trying to say to you is that you don’t have to be scared to death to start your own business. The professionals at inc paradise .com are there to help you through these seemingly difficult task. Their pricing is way past competitive, it’s just a Great Bargain. So get you a business plan together with a 5 year proposal of what you expect your business to do .You can get your accountant to help you with this matter for a small fee and get your ducks in a row and get your bite of the great American pie.

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Colon Cancer continued

14 July, 02:30, by admin

Well my friend passed on yesterday morning, she will suffer no more. I pray for the family’s well being and hope they can cope with as little pain as possible. Kim is a person of high moral value, and a good Christian lady. She may not be here in body, but I know she is in spirit. We are going to miss her dearly and be proud that she had come into our lives. There’s a lot of good things I could write about her, but I think I will just mourn her passing today in my own way. Kim we love you!

Hold Um Up

14 July, 01:31, by admin

Put your hands down, I’m not a law enforcement official; I’m just a Texas Hold Um player. I love to play card games of most types, and you need a good surface to play on. If you have ever played on poker tables, and then play on an ordinary table you know what I am talking about. Real playing tables are great; the leather surface lets the cards glide. Your game room is not complete until you have the right equipment. Call you friends and tell them that you are going to have a card game on Saturday night and they need to come, when you win, they are helping you pay for your new table.

What ever your game is, poker, bridge, or Texas hold um, there are game tables made for you. You can even get a slip cover for it and make a nice dinning table. The quality is of the highest on the market today. You will be proud to have these heirloom pieces in your home

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Wizardry Among Us

14 July, 00:58, by admin

The magic of Harry Potter is back in theaters as I type this post. Potter and gang are on the silver screen again, rambling around Hog wart’s school of magic. I guess tomorrow i will venture to the theater and see what Harry’s up to. I become interested in this series of movies after I was curious to see why all the children were reading these releases like madness had taken over.

They were reading these books in record numbers and couldn’t get enough of them. So this sparked my interest in what the books were about. At the time these books were released, I was so busy; I did not have time to read one of these. So I got the book on tape and would listen when I was on the road. Well needless to say I got hooked on the first book.

Then came the second, and the third and, well you know what I mean. I listened to them all. When the movies first came out I had to see if they could take the written text and put it on screen. The movie was great but as always the book was better. The graphics were great and the script was real close to the book. See you at the movies!

Tomatos or Tomatoes

11 July, 22:07, by admin

I went to my garden today and got to pick my first tomato’s and corn and squash. There is nothing better than fresh picked veggies from the garden. My plans are to grill the corn, fry the squash, slice the tomato and maybe a good London Broil to top it off. Actually, I don’t have to have the beef with that meal , because everything is so much better fresh picked and prepared. I can’t wait my mouth is already watering.

I guess growing up in rural Georgia and helping in the garden as a child, I grew to love the fresh veggies. My grandmother always had a large garden and she would prepare meals all summer long from her garden, boy oh boy did I love to go to grandmothers for dinner. if you have not had the pleasure of fresh picked veggies from a garden and have them prepared southern style, then you have missed out on a part of tradition that you need to experience

Colon Cancer

11 July, 02:49, by admin

This is something that I feel strongly about, there are no reasons why you can’t go and get your colon checked out. I have a friend on her death bed right now as I type from Colon Cancer. It started in the colon and moved all through her body. Yesterday as I sat by my friends bed trying to get a response from her, I thought to myself, why has this happened to her/ She is only52 years old and has always been health oriented. Now she is just a shell of a woman going down fast. All the chem o and radiation has taken it’s toll.

She will leave behind a loving husband and 2 sons. This family has always had good Christian values and as honest as the day is long. I don’t understand how this can happen to such a good family when there are heathens that are always up to no good and always showing no respect to anyone they cross. Maybe I am not supposed to understand it. I just know that it don’t seem right to me. Perhaps I don’t have the ability to understand. I know that I am going to miss a dear friend. Go in peace Kim,We love you. Cancer Sux. Anyone one who may read this blog, please be sure to get a colon test done at 50 years old and earlier if you have family members that has been stricken by this deadly disease.

Put It In Writing

10 July, 19:53, by admin

Do you need something put in writing like a banner, or business cards, to what ever you may want. What about that mural you’ve been wanting for years? Now you can get that mural at a company that only use to cater to other businesses. All this print technology is available to you at absolute Great pricing. This company, Big Posters has gone public, and they are celebrating by giving you specials on a retractable banner stand . Maybe you need a professional presentation done, or a trade show display. Big Posters will fix you right up and at a price that is unheard of. Make your occasion come to life with a full color spectrum of graphics waiting for you.

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10 July, 19:09, by admin

Well, guess what? I did not win the lottery. I know you find this hard to believe because I do. The good old Georgia Lottery has let me down again. What is wrong with those people over there at lottery central, I kept my end of the deal, I bought their tickets, but they didn’t do their part. I was only like 60 numbers shy of winning a cool million on one ticket. On my other ticket I wasn’t even close. So it’s back to the old drawing board to figure out how to retire early. I don’t suppose that I can really complain, after all, my daughter went through college with a HOPE scholarship, I guess this is paying back for her education.

Money in your Pay Pal

09 July, 02:40, by admin

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone just randomly sent you $10 payments from time to time in your Pay Pal account? Well it doesn’t have to be a dream, you can actually make it happen. If you sign up for TraffexOneClix, then you can start receiving random $10 payments to your Pay Pal account. You will be given a referral link and for each member you can bring in you will get $10!

It’s really easy and simple if you are wanting to get signed up with TraffexOneClix. All you do is sign up and send 10 bucks to the person that brung you there. Then the page will take you to another member’s page (totally random) and you send them 10 bucks. After those 2 steps, just simply send the Admin at TraffexOneClix 10 bucks and you are in!

As a member of TraffexOneClix you will be able to take advantage of a lot of software and downloads for your online pleasures. You can also advertise a website that you might be wanting to promote online. You get to add in 2 banners and 1 text link that you never have to surf or try to earn any credits for. You get them shown as long as you are a member of TraffexOneClix. Once you sign up, there is nothing more to do. You never have to send in any more money or nothing. You just sit back and use all the free online tools at your finger tips and watch the 10 dollar payments come in. If you use your referral link then you can increase the payments you get. Just grab 3 people and you get your money back and everything is then completely free! Give it a try and let me know what you think.

07-07-07 Continued

07 July, 19:50, by admin

Tonight is my Lucky night,with the Georgia Lottery Millionaire Raffle. I just know that my turn to win big is tonight. I have been thinking all day long about what I would do if I actually won a cool
million. First I would no longer have any debts to anyone, second I would tie up some loose ends that I have started around my home. Third I would give to charity a sizable amount, one that helps our children of America, that have medical problems. Like the Children’s hospital of Atlanta.

If you have ever been to a children’s hospital, then you know what I mean. It is truly sad to see some of these innocent and lovable kids that are so sick , and have the attitude that they have. This will break your heart and uplift your spirits at the same time. So come on Georgia lottery do me right and make me smile as well as allowing me to help some of Americas children smile even bigger.

Lights, Camera, Action!

07 July, 19:28, by admin

We are all familiar with these words in the movie industry. It’s the director’s words to get ready and start filming a scene of a movie. Todays standard in movie viewing is in your own theater. They are becoming more popular in todays homes, than going out for an evening to see a movie at your local movie house. The placement and comfort of your home theater seating is very important. You want to be as comfortable as possible, and the right viewing distance for optimum results.

You can get the best seating possible in todays market by major manufacturers. There are many styles and colors and fabric choices available to you.You can even get a nifty little sound system added to your seat, that will let you feel the rumbles of the low bass effects form the movie you watch. I happen to actually own some of these and let me tell you, that it makes your movie experience as lifelike as it gets. You will not be disappointed in these little drivers with your surround system. You can really feel the true effects, the way it was meant to be enjoyed. You can be the director in your home and say these famous words just as the movie starts. Oh my, don’t forget the popcorn!

YouTube Teen Goes BIG TIME!

07 July, 01:47, by admin

The YouTube Sensation from Mexico that has been posting her videos on YouTube, didn’t just have fun with her webcam on her latest video. She took it to a whole new level!


As you can see Alex took a more serious approach to her musical passion that she enjoys doing in front of the whole world to see at YouTube. There is a trail of her videos that is being documented over at Single Source Writing. It gives you a chance to see how this youth from South of the Border found her way over the internet the last 7 months. While singing and talking from her webcam, she has drew a small fan following to her videos at YouTube.

Now with a slight image change on this latest video and a more serious look in her eyes (when you can see them from all the hair…, you see the eyes of someone that looks determined. Where that determination leads her, remains to be seen? It should be one interesting journey to see where Alex goes from here. I have a feeling regardless where she ends up being, it will be very entertaining to follow. Keep in touch with all the latest information and news from a “star in the making” at Single Source Writing!

Where’s My Data

05 July, 23:04, by admin

Have you ever turned on your computer and find you are missing very important data? It happens all the time. It could be a virus , or a Trojan horse, or a hacker that invaded your system and went to work creating havoc to your system. Why would you risk this happening to you when you can get the same techniques that the Fortune 500 use for their data? You can have Online Storage for as little as $9.95 per month.

With online storage your online data appears as a mapped drive or as a folder on their computer.
This makes for easy drag and drop. You will never have to say
“Where’s My Data?” when you use this sensible program that you shouldn’t be without!!

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05 July, 23:02, by admin

Well the drawing for the Georgia millionaire raffle didn’t happen on June the 30th like they had planned.They have set the date to 07-07-07 So I guess that means that I have to wait 2 more days to become a millionaire. What the heck I have waited for 50+ years and I don’t think that 2 more days will matter. There will be 4 tickets drawn that will become a millionaire to the ticket holders. I have never been a lucky person per say I am just sort of mediocre. So come on Ga Lottery Make my dream come true.

Celebrate the 4th of July in Maui

05 July, 18:39, by admin

Okay so it’s the 5th of July. What a great time to start saving so you can take that breathtaking vacation you want, and to celebrate the 4th of July in one of our nations most beautiful states, Hawaii. Where else can you go and find the beauty within our nation that Maui can offer? Well maybe another Hawaiian Island. With Maui vacation rentals you can stay for as little as $69.00 per night at a condo that will sleep four. These aren’t run down shabby shacks; they are fully equipped, renovated homes for your pleasure.

Sure you can stay in an overpriced motel but why would you want to when there are many condo’s available to you at a much better rate. You have complete privacy and serenity of living in an actual home. So starts saving, pack your bags, and let’s go celebrate the 4th of July the way it should be done. In Maui!! See you there.

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Growing Roses, Trial and Error

04 July, 01:16, by admin

I really love roses, but it seems that my thumb is not the right color to grow them. That’s right I don’t have a green thumb. Over the years I have planted several rose bushes and my luck just isn’t there. I have looked on the Internet for advice and I have gotten pamphlets from garden centers. I follow instructions to the letter, I can get them to bloom, but they are really small flowers. I have replaced the soil with organic soil and they are a little better, I have used Bone Meal, Rose fertilizers, and listened to my elders tell me what to do.

When I prune them the way I’m supposed to, so that they will produce more roses, I get nothing. My neighbor has some beautiful roses and they don’t make near the fuss over them as I do. So if there is anybody out there on this information highway, please send me some suggestions if you have any. Thanks everyone!!!

Put Your Hands Up, You’re Under Arrest

04 July, 00:32, by admin

You will be absolutely captured by The Police CD. Its The Police CD the way you love them, raw, yet refined. Sting and company doing what they do best, They Rock. This new 2 CD set Includes all the great hits that have been digitally remastered and sounding great. When you buy this CD set not only do you get the Great Songs, but you will get a really cool poster of The Police. Just look at the great tracks they have laid down for your listening pleasure.
1. Fall Out
2. Can’t Stand Losing You
3. Next To You
4. Roxanne
5. Truth Hits Everybody
6. Hole In My Life
7. So Lonley
8. Message In A Bottle
9. Regatta De Blanc
10.Bring On The Night
11.Walking On the Moon
12.Don’t Stand So Close To Me
13.Driven To Tears
14.Canary In A Coalmine

1. De Do Do Do De Da Da Da
2. Voices In My Head
3. Invisible Sun
4. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
5. Spirits In The Material World
6. Demolition Man
7. Every Breath You Take
8. Synchronicity 1
9. Wrapped Around Your Finger
10.Walking In Your Footsteps
11.Synchronicity 2
12.King Of Pain
13.Murder By Numbers
14.Tea In The Sahara

You get all these hits and don’t forget about the free poster that is way cool.Go to your favorite music store today and get captured with The Police CD. Now for your viewing pleasure,The Police Video:

The Police are gonna be kicking at the Live Earth Concert. There will be artist from all over the world playing for this big event. This concert is to make us realize that we are destroying Mother Earth and if we don’t change our ways of using our resources,and the way we think about our environment, earth will be in a sad state. There is also talk of a new CD to be released in 2007 with all the gang of The Police. Don’t forget to see them live in concert at a city near you!

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