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Ready for Winter? Keep your home Cozy Warm!

31 July, 17:19, by admin

This is something I do know a little about. I have some of these actual products in my home, I have a infrared and a blue flame space heaters in my home. I bought these units as a backup system in the event of a power failure. Needless to say I love these units so much that they have become my primary source of heat for my home. With the almost 100%, efficiency my central unit rarely comes on. My old furnace system runs at about 78% efficiency, meaning that about 22% of my energy was going out my flu. In other words for every dollar I spend on my furnace heating my home, $.22 cents of every dollar goes out into the atmosphere.

So why not get your moneys worth in today’s energy crisis you need to save all you can. Spend a dollar and get almost a dollar of energy from using the great little heaters. They also carry vent free fireplaces as well. These units pay for themselves in a couple of seasons.

Jammin At the Castle

29 July, 19:54, by admin

Last week I got a phone call from an old friend that I had not seen in 20 years, and we used to be a band together. He wanted to know if i would care to sit in on a jam session at a castle near Cartersville, Ga with some more old friends. I guess the word Castle got my attention so I said yes. I had get my equipment together and dust it off good, check it out to be sure it was still in good working order.

I got ready to go jam with my old pal, and got directions to the castle. Upon approaching the place I was to go to, I passed through 2 large stone columns. I drove out the concrete driveway for what seemed to be a half mile and came upon a old pole barn. The closer I got the more things started to unfold. Sure enough at the far end of the pole barn was a small castle that was built and the entrance was from inside the barn. On the other side of the castle was a western type Bunk House that you entered in the barn as well.

I had noticed a huge stucco formation coming into the barn on the end that I entered on and there was a cave built from the stucco. I was very intrigued by the imagination that someone had brought to reality. Inside the cave there was water running down a couple of walls and going down to the floor and following veins in the floor back to the holding station for re circulation. There was a Fire place built into the cave and a bed built into the wall.It was really neat. On the far end of the cave there was water running through a filtering device and a fan behind it and that was the air conditioning system that worked very well.

In the Castle there was a fire place that had a huge stucco art cannon over the fireplace.It
had some modern day furnishing as well as some old Renaissances in there. And the bunk house was ready for some rest after a long day on the range.

I finally got to meet the owner who is the father of one of our State Senators. I told him how impressed I was with his place. He told me that he still has a lot to do before its finished. He wasn’t telling what was next, he said I would have to come back and see for myself what he has in mind for the rest of his project. It’s real hard to try to explain what this place looks like, it’s one of those things you have to see to believe. I went through the place about 3 times and every time I would see something that I had missed before. The Next time I go I will take a camera and take some pictures and post them so you can see what I am talking about. See you next time I am Jammin At The Castle!

Stop The Habit

28 July, 20:22, by admin

If just say no didn’t work for you than this will, but you have to want it to work and be ready for a clean, sober, drug free lifestyle. Imagine getting up in the mornings and feeling good and just full of energy. How do you feel when you get up? There are drug rehabilitation programs available for you to kick the habit. Do the drugs control your life? Shouldn’t YOU be in control of your life, and making the important decisions that we face on a daily basis. Don’t tear your family apart and turn your back on your family, or make them turn their back on you. Trust is a wonderful thing to throw away. Get help NOW

Head’n for the Hills

28 July, 16:27, by admin

There is nothing quite like the Ozark Mountains, the beauty of the region seems to be endless. The new Nashville is Branson Mo. The entertainment there is second to none. If you’re looking to move to Branson you should check out Branson real estate first. You want a luxury estate, It’s there waiting for you. Single family housing, they have it, or you can use your own plans and buy the lot of your dreams. Let’s go Head’n for the Hills and take in all that there is to offer in the good old Ozarks. The attractions are almost endless, great golfing, fishing, hiking, and live music, you’re sure to love!

You Never Know

27 July, 01:27, by admin

I was having breakfast this morning with my daughter at a local restaurant,when in walked a young man with a cane to help him walk and balance himself. He sat down and looked at me and said; you don’t remember me do you? After looking the young man over for a few seconds I replied; no I don’t. He laughed and told me his name, he was one of the kids that had grew up with my son. Here was this 31 year old man that had a stroke 1 year before. I couldn’t believe my eyes, this kid always had more energy and rambunctious than the other kids.

He spoke with a slur and having trouble getting a lot of his words out. He explained what had happened to him and and all the ordeal he went through for the last year. It almost brought tears to my eyes. The illness had caused him to loose his house and his marriage had fell apart as well. he tried to get help from our govt to no avail. Naturally it seems wrong to me because I see it all the time. A U.S. citizen down on life through no fault of his own becoming ill and can’t get help from our Govt. Then I see non U.S. citizens in line at the grocery store with their free or little cost food stamps debit card and loading the buggy up. Like I have said in an earlier post that I have never been a prejudice person, but I am starting to get the thoughts of it and i do Not like feeling that way. Come on America , take care of our own first then help the rest if we can. Our politicians have really give my country a black eye in my opinion.

War Games with Paintball

27 July, 00:05, by admin

I think paintball is one the most adventurous sports you can get involved in. There is great fun to be had by the whole family.The Tippman A5 paintball markers are top of the line markers, with their patented cyclone feed system,make these a work of art. The Spyder MR2 is another excellent choice. What ever you decide Ultimate Paintball has a system for your whole family. If you order $200.00 or greater, you get Free Shipping. Safety should always be a first priority, you will need to go over all the safety rules and be sure each family member understands them fully. Ultimate Paintball carries all the accessories you need to have a Safe and a Great time for you and your family. Let the war games begin in a wooded area you have access to, or visit one of the growing number of paintball facility’s near you!

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My Jack Russel Terriers

26 July, 00:57, by admin

Some of you have seen post about my baby’s, Phoebe and Sadie, my Jack Russel Terriers. These two girls are so funny and smart , they are like a couple of mischievous kids. Every time I come home they start in barking at me wanting a treat. It’s like they are fussing at me for leaving them behind. I take them with me where I can, but that don’t matter to them , they expect to go every time I go. I can’t use the word go in front of them if I am leaving, and I can’t even spell it any more.The girls knows what I am talking about. I can have a discussion with my husband and every time we need to go somewhere, they know all the signs and pick up on the least little clue that we are leaving. They will tickle you when they do get to go , Sadie will grab my husband by the pant leg and try to drag him to the Truck or the van, as if he isn’t getting there fast enough to suite her. You got to love a Jack Russel!

Smile, show off those pretty white teeth!

26 July, 00:33, by admin

More and more people today have some of the whitest and beautiful teeth than ever before. Going to the dentist is not a Pain anymore. There are so many options for you, there’s zoom whitening which makes your teeth as white as possible. Invisaline invisible braces are being worn by adults and children to correct mis-alignment. The porcelain veneers are of quality and beautiful too. Dental implants are great as well. There’s bonding, porcelain crowns, on lays and inlays in my opinion is a work of art. Recontouring is a cinch. Dr.David Landau and Dr Tim Collins at complete dental health can get you smiling where you will be the envy of your friends. At San Diego invisalign all your dental needs are available for you, family and cosmetic dentistry. These people give you something to smile about!

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Americas Got Talent

25 July, 02:03, by admin

I was watching America’s Got Talent earlier tonight on the tube,and I found this one guy that was very talented and worthy of the prize of a cool million. His name was Cal Haley and if he don’t win, someone in the good old U.S.of A. will pick this guy up and he will be recording I have a pretty good ear for music. There were some good acts on there but this guy was the only one that is worthy of the prize in my opinion. Who do you think should win?

Memo: Meeting in the conference room @ 7:30AM

24 July, 20:15, by admin

Good morning everyone, I called this meeting this morning to let you know that our company is doing better than we expected. What I need for you to do is everyone get their office in order so we can bring some new office desks, your old ones will be moved over in the annex for the new 15 new people we are going to hire to help take some of the load off you. For all you people standing in the conference room now will have a seat at the next meeting, we are getting a new conference table as well. Now for the good news, upper management will be receiving a 7 % raise in your pay scale, management will be getting a 10% raise, and for all the hard working employees in non management will get 15% raise in their pay as well. The reason that non-management raises is greater than managements, is simple, they are the backbone of our operations here. You are all doing a good job here, and thank you for our new company growth that you helped to create. Every one have a great day.

Classmates Of The Past

22 July, 03:10, by admin

I know most every one on the net has heard of Classmates. I am a member of a similar group of mates I went to school with. We are on Google Groups and we have a good time talking about past , present, and future subjects. The Admin of the site is one heck of a intelligent dude.His name is Baytown Bert, and he lives in Baytown Texas. I am going to include a link to his blog so you can read some very interesting comments.Visit my buddy Bert he’s quite a fellow. When I read his blogs I always learn something.Keep it up budro.

I Will Huff and I Will Puff

21 July, 17:04, by admin

I just can’t blow your building down. This is what the big bad wolf said about the steel buildings that defeated him. With wind test of 150mph+ these sturdy units can stand the pressure. You can get them in color to match your decor’. There are 4 models available for your every need from, airplane hangar, a residential home, garage/workshop, farm shed, to a storage building. These strong units carry 25 year rust through warranty too! When you get ready to start that next building project, consider a quality package made from steel.

Police Brutality Runs Rampant

20 July, 12:15, by admin

I made a post yesterday complaining that the ugly head of prejudice has been trying to come into my life. I may not be leaning that way as much as I thought I was. This morning on the Today Show, there was a Hispanic airman that had been pulled over by a deputy and as the tape rolled, the deputy was giving orders to get up; the airman home from Iraq on leave was trying to comply with the officer’s command and was shot 3 times without provocation.

This senseless act of violence really disturbs me. Are we turning into a Police State, where we will have law enforcement and military openly carrying weapons to maintain order in our country? I sure hope not, we are supposed to be the land of the free. The jury found the deputy of no wrong doing, but the tape I saw was clearly Brutal. No one deserves this kind of treatment under the circumstances that unfolded on the video. Maybe I am not leaning toward being prejudice of Hispanics after all. I promise I will do better at understanding my fellow human being with more passion and respect, I hope everyone else will do the same!

Dish Network Woes

19 July, 22:46, by admin

I love the picture quality of satellite T.V. But I am having a problem that No body can seem to correct. Every time my Air Conditioning system comes on I lose my signal, I had one technician to tell me that there is a tree limb in the way, and it is causing my signal lost. He said for right at $100.00 he could raise my dish so it would be out of the line of sight by the dish. I asked about that it only loses signal when the A/C system comes on, he replied that didn’t have anything to do with it, it is a leaf on the tree. Needless to say that my dish is still the height it was when installed.

So I get an electrician to come out and put in a dedicated circuit for the A/C system, and it still does the same thing. If anyone knows the fix for this let me know so I can try to get it fixed.

Get Your Free Book Right Here

19 July, 22:16, by admin

Volunteers in Service to America, VISTA are giving away their book for free. This is a activist themed book. I am not real sure what their primary goal is, but from what I could get from their web site it’s about trying to change some of the problems in America. It is an Activists Guide to VISTA. This may or may not be your type of reading, but if it is, you can get it in pdf format.

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Who’s In Charge

19 July, 02:40, by admin

What ever happened to a Government of the people, by the people, and for the people? Every time I fill my gas tank it sickens me to the point of anger. It gets too frustrating to try and figure out what happened to our country. Who’s In Charge? What happened to the American way of life, where if you work hard and are a good moral person, you can succeed in life. I question this theory in today’s times.

I was always taught to be kind to your fellow human being, and treat all people with respect. I have never in my life been a prejudice person, but as of lately I find myself leaning toward the prejudice monster that so many people in the past have let ruin their lives. I get so mad at our democracy when I go to the grocery store and you can’t go down the isle because people of Hispanic origin block the isle without regards to other people trying to shop. Then you get in line to pay and all the illegal Hispanics are there with their WIC vouchers and food stamps that Taxpaying citizens paid for.

I have worked for over 40 years paying into our government what was required of me. I know of citizens that have been disabled and financially strapped, try to get help from our own government in their time of need, and were denied any benefits that should have been there for them. Who’s In Charge? I know a man whom got hurt on the job and it has disabled him for life. After the first year of disability he applied for disability benefits. He got turned down. So he had to appeal the decision. Another year passes and he gets turned down again.

So he had to appeal again to get to go before a judge to decide. After waiting about 8 months the judge says he is disabled. He was no better and no worse when the judge made his decision as he was when he first applied. They were hoping he would just go away and not bother them. I feel that if he had changed his name to Julio he would have gotten his earned benefits the first time he applied.

I do not like felling the way I am starting to feel about my fellow man. It’s not right and it sure isn’t healthy for you. All the stress related things that come into your life on a daily basis just can’t be good for you. I am trying to understand these feelings, but a hard time is coping with all of these feelings. I am going to talk to my God about this problem I am having, with hopes of my being able to understand better.

Carpooling can help ease the dependency on foreign oil importation; buying vehicles that get good mileage will help. I guess it’s up to you and I, U.S. citizens to improve the country as the politicians are helping it self destruct. Who’s In Charge?

Putting Money in Your Pocket

18 July, 01:55, by admin

Putting money in your pocket is a better concept than taking it from your pocket. I guess that I approach shopping and saving on items I buy a little different that the majority of people. After a day of shopping and I return home, I tell my spouse, honey, I just made $200.00 today. How did you do that he replies? We needed a new laptop computer,and with coupon code and I got it on sale with $200.00 off the sale price, so I made us $200.00 I know it’s an unusual way to look at it, but it works for us.

We all like to save money on the things that we buy. With a coupon code you save even more. Do you have a favorite place to shop? With over 1,000 coupons available for you, they’re sure to have merchants that you shop at, and they update their site daily. I am saving to get a new plasma T.V. and with a Circuit City Coupon; I hope to save even more money on the already low prices that I get from Circuit City. Whatever your next purchase may be, don’t buy until you visit, you may get free shipping or maybe save a percentage of the price off your purchase,or both and put some money in your pocket. You may catch yourself saying, I made $200.00 today

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Meth Heads

17 July, 02:26, by admin

In my opinion the Meth Heads are ruining our country. Not that we don’t have enough problems on earth with global warming and green house effects. The dopers, tweakers, crack heads are ruining our nation in record speeds. The Ice heads are so messed up that help for them is almost useless.
They can’t seem to get off that junk, and dont want off once they have done it.

I ran into and old friend today I had not seen in 25 years, he looked like death knocking on heavens door wanting in.This person looked really bad . I asked him why he looked so bad he shamefully replied, meth. After I gave my 30 min scolding about that crap, I went on and I don’t think he even listened to what I had to say.

Business Cards

17 July, 01:55, by admin

Do you need new Business cards. You can now design and develop your own business cards online. Want them in full color, raised lettering, Kromecoated? we sell most any type of card you can think of,and at competitive pricing. With business card templates, the designs are brilliant and contrast is very sharp. You will be impressed with the quality of these cards.

Their web site is a breeze to navigate through ,and you will love their designs. You will proudly present your new cards to clients and impress them as well. I think you won’t be disappointed with their services

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Bird hunts deer

17 July, 01:22, by admin

I was sent an interesting video today that was unbelievable. It started out with a deer running across the landscape. Then a eagle came into view, it soared over the deer a second then attacked the deer and brought it down. I had to watch this video 4 times to make sure I was seeing it right. Here’s the video!