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I love PPP

30 June, 23:52, by admin

I am a newbie to PPP and today is my first day to make money blogging. I am going to enjoy this experience letting the world know what I have to say. I joined PPP to make extra money for my family vacations. I am going to save every penny till the end of the year and after until its vacation time again. I have met this guy Chris who won a 50 in. Sony TV on PPP. This really got me pumped up on your site, knowing that there are real opportunities available to people like me.

Having PPP available for people to make some real cash is appealing to most everyone, but a lot of people I find are afraid to take on a new adventure, maybe they don’t like change, I don’t know. What I do know is GO PPP.

My first car

30 June, 23:15, by admin

My first car was a real sled in car talk. It was an Oldsmobile jetstar 88. This thing had a V8 engine and would cruise at about 80 freewheeling,and rode like a dream. That old car done me well until the wiring burnt on it one night while cruising the hot spot in my home town. So I wound up with a Volkswagen after that, boy did I go down hill from the old Oldsmobile.I had to beat that Volkswagen to death to get it up to 65-70.The came the 1969 Plymouth Barracuda.This thing was a real Hot Rod. It had a 383 cu in with 4 on the floor with the formula S package.When I went to the dealer it was a dragster,the dealer had to install seating and belts to make it street legal. This thing would fly. Oh how I would love to have all my childhood cars back,Except the Volkswagen.

For Hotel Reservations

30 June, 22:14, by admin

There’s no place online that I have found that gives you better hotel discounts, than

Now I know Hotel Reservations gives good deals on all the luxury and Cheap Hotels and motels, and help you find rental cars too; I just wonder what kind of deal they could get for me a gondolas? I’m not sure exactly if that would be something they could do, but then again these guys are so good, it wouldn’t surprise me if they came through! Just give a look at for your next business or vacation trip and see if they don’t find you the best rates on your lodging.

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Playing football as a youngster

30 June, 21:37, by admin

My football career ended early in life at the ripe old age of 9 years old. It was one afternoon after school and the team had assembled on the field awaiting for the coach to arrive. We all knew there was to be no horseplay while awaiting the coach to arrive to start practice.

Well being the young scholar that I was, one of the other guys on the team and I decided to start our own practice.I was going out for a pass and it landed perfectly in my hands, just as I turned around to see where I was I met up with the goal post head on. I did not have on my helmet. After being knocked out cold for about ten minuets, I was groggey and made my way home.

While at home waiting for my mother to arrive and check out the goose egg I had on my head, she decided that my football had just ended. Just think all of this happened because the coach was late!

Shop Online and Save

30 June, 21:22, by admin

Shopping online can be fun and also save you money now better than ever. You can shop for a specific product at lots of locations online and compare the prices. Once you have found what you are looking for you may want to try coupon codes. This can and will help you save even more on your purchase power.

One store that I value highly because of the customer service and the great pricing on electronics is Tiger Direct. If you ever have a problem with their products, they will quickly and efficiently resolve any discretions. I really like the guys from Tiger Direct and it now makes me even happier to know that I save additional money from their already low prices.

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Today’s the Day!

30 June, 20:47, by admin

Wow! I’m so excited about tonight, I just might become a millionaire! It’s true and this is one of the most realistic chances for someone like me to have a chance to win. It’s all about the Millionaire Raffle that the Georgia Lottery is giving away. You can a ticket for $20 and have the chance to win a cool million bucks! What makes this raffle so different from other lottery games, is that I don’t have a 1 and gazillion chance of winning. It’s actually much better odds.

This Millionaire Raffle has got everybody in the Peach State so excited for tonight. There is certainly a buzz in the air as everyone is talking about this great opportunity that the Georgia Lottery is offering. My hats off to them guys for giving us a realistic shot at getting a million bux! If you see me here blogging tomorrow then you know I didn’t win, but if I suddenly go missing then you know I will be celebrating and painting the town red with my new million bucks!

Window treatments for your home

30 June, 17:36, by admin

Are you tired of those same old drab window treatments from the 90″s in your home? Or maybe you are about to get your new home ready for the window treatments. With today’s window blinds, you can save on heat and air bills as well as adding beauty to your home. The styles and designs are almost endless. You can be the envy of the neighborhood and all they will want to know is where you got those beautiful blinds. Pass on the word and help make your whole community as beautiful as your home.

Its a 120 degrees in your car and you are driving it

30 June, 17:07, by admin

You know how hot and sweltering it can be in the summer time in your car, especially if your Auto air conditioning has gone on the blink. Your car is like an oven in these extreme temperatures, and you see people every day driving with their windows down trying to get any air stirring at all. It does not have to be this way. There are tools available for the do it yourself person or the professional technician as well.

Don’t get caught looking like a turkey in the oven baking for the holidays when you can ride in comfort and cool. Fix that car and enjoy it the way it’s supposed to be driven.

Outdoor furniture at it’s Best

30 June, 16:41, by admin

This is a little something I know about personally. My husband likes to do woodwork. He has built me several pieces of furniture, all of them have been solid wood and hand made. The last piece he made for me was a deep seated rocker, he is going to build me a table and chair to go with it. Then I will have a collection of teak outdoor furniture. He has told me that this stuff will last for decades and will get silver like patina after it ages for a while. He also told me that there are benches in England made from this miracle wood that is near a century old.

A lot of the marine manufacturers use this product in the assembly of their boats. This has to tell you of the durability and the beauty of this magnificent wood. The wood is grown in Asia and from what I can tell it is a governed resource. You can buy the accessories for your patio year after year, or you can buy it once and enjoy for decades to come. You get what you pay for.

North Carolina living

30 June, 01:26, by admin

The great state of North Carolina still has many untouched natural wonders. Beautiful mountains deep valleys, laid back living, and city life as well. If you are looking to move to this beautiful state, one area you might want to consider would be beaufort nc real estate. There are many options available for you. If may want to locate a business there as well, they also have that covered, commercial properties are available. Whatever you desire you can find it in the great state of North Carolina. Eastern North Carolina’s finest property is there awaiting for you to make your move.

Which house is yours.

27 June, 17:23, by admin

911 what is your emergency please? I have fallen and I think I have broken my hip, I can’t get up please hurry it hurts so bad. What is your address miss? I live at 1313 Junction Gap, Anywhere, USA. Ok we will send a first response team right over. Will you please stay on the phone with me until help arrives? Yes I will. 25 minuets pass, Hello Miss, we can’t locate your house, do you have an Address Plaque at your home? No I don’t, my house is the 3rd one on the left past the big oak tree. 10 more minuets pass, Hello Miss, we still cant find you, can you give me directions? Yes I live on the left my drive way is the one with no mail box and between the green and the brown house, my house is white,but you cant see it from the road. 5 more minuets pass. Ok Miss I think they have found you, can you hear them outside your home? Yes I can Thank you.

Dont let this happen to you when it can be avoided so easily. There are a lot of different ways for you to mark your home so it can be found easily. There are products to fit in every decor of your liking. Some of the products can be well lit, stand out boldly, many sizes and colors and configurations. Know where your house is.

Don’t hit that computer with a hammer!

27 June, 16:43, by admin

Have you ever felt like hitting your computer with a hammer? Well don’t do it, it’s probably just slowed down because of the programs and applications you have running on your system using all of your computer memory. Most manufacturers put just enough of it to make the system operate, but not to full potential. I have taken a new computer out of the box and it would freeze up because of inadequate memory. It’ a very reasonable fix, and you will be glad you took the time to optimize your system. There will be less problems and freeze ups, and you will be a happier person knowing you don’t need a hammer after all.

America’s Got Talent

27 June, 00:57, by admin

I was watching America’s Got Talent tonight on the tube, and I saw some very talented people . I also seen some very untalented people. I am not one to watch this kind of programming, but I did tonight. I can say that I was really impressed by 4 young men who had an act of acrobat dancing. One of the guys had a disease I think it was called Lazy Legs. The muscle in his legs never developed strong enough for him to walk. He used a set of crutches. This guy had moves that were as good as the other three guys in the group. I guess what I am saying is that we are American, and we can overcome any obstacle as this young man did with his disability.

Ticket please

24 June, 17:56, by admin

These are the words you hear when you enter the cinema for a night at the movies. The craze of having your own home cinema is a hot market, and it will be for years to come. Homes are being built and restored having a video room, or a media room or a theater right in the home. It all started with surround sound, and has grown into a must have for many homeowners today. You have to prepare your room for the accessories you want in it. Projection, plasma, or LCD for viewing is up to you. Then you’ve got to have home theater seating, how many seats, the style, the material, and other accessories. The choices seem almost endless. Do you want your own popcorn machine? Well you can get that too.

When it’s all complete, and your family has planned a night or day at home watching a good movie or some of the old home made flicks, then it will be your turn to say… Ticket please.

Peek- A-Boo

24 June, 17:09, by admin

Remember playing peek-a-boo when you were a small child or playing it with a small child. There were always smiles and laughter. How would you like to bring a little peek-a-boo in your love life. Now that I have your attention, you can make an evening at home or away interesting for your lover or husband. Get playful again and bring sparks back into your relationship with open tip bras. You can get things really going with a playful game of peek-a-boo. Your mate will really appreciate the new found game that you both are sure to love.

Gone Fishing

24 June, 16:08, by admin

I have always lived near water so skinny dipping and fishing have been a part of my life. I went fishing yesterday with my best friend and his family. It turned out to be a hoot. I really did enjoy myself watching their children try to cast a spinning reel. Sometimes the line would go out about 5 feet and slam into the water. Sometimes they would almost hook themselves. I can look back and see myself learning to do the same things when I was a child.

I think they will get the hang of it with more practice and patience. You must have patience to be a fisherman or fisher lady. What’s that old cliché, give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for life. Well I have my work cut out for me. I promise those kids that I would teach them to fish. Am I in for a treat or what?

Ethanol Fueling Corn Prices

24 June, 00:44, by admin

It appears with all the high cost of gas these days, that corn is needed to make an alternate fuel in ethanol. I have seen a lot of worries about the prices of corn going up, and I really don’t understand it. I’m sure the owner of your local Mexican restaurant has good reasons to be concerned, since corn cost can affect a Mexican eatery a lot. I understand businesses that buy huge tons of corn or corn products how a few cents could mean thousands or maybe even millions of dollars they have to spend extra for higher corn prices. I also understand they have to turn around and add to the price of their products. So the corn flour tortilla that is holding your burrito together isn’t 99 cents anymore, and you have to pay $1.29 for it instead. Is this really reason for concern? I just bought some ears of corn that hadn’t been shucked yet, and they were 39 cents each! I would have spent a full dollar on that ear of corn and wouldn’t have thought twice about it. Now that I hear that prices are going up, and I see an ear for less than 40 cents, what’s the big deal?

Now look at the gas prices and what they have done. I could spend less than 30 dollars filling up my car with a tank of gas (use to). Now I can put 40 dollars in it, and it’s still not full! If I have to fill up my tank once a week, then this is over $10 difference in what money I have to spend weekly. Get my gas cost down anyway you can, and I will pay the $1.29 for the burrito, I promise! Star Reporter

23 June, 22:23, by admin

It’s not clear what saw in one of their reporters from Canada, but he clearly doesn’t have any NBA knowledge whatsoever. He has recently posted an article on June 20th concerning the Atlanta Hawks and what they might do with the 3rd pick in the draft. He’s right that the first two picks are locked up, and the draft will begin with Atlanta’s pick (3rd overall). From there he totally goes in the wrong direction with unnecessary remarks concerning the Atlanta Hawks.

He praises the Phoenix Suns and lashes out against the boys from the ATL. I guess that Mr. Jeff Fox failed to mention a couple of things in his article, which I will do now. Is he aware of the youth in Atlanta and how they have been the youngest team in the NBA for the last few years. No wonder championships haven’t been won in Atlanta, since their fellow big brothers are a lot older and more experienced than them. I wonder if Jeff Fox has any younger siblings or older ones. Maybe he has a big brother or sister that picked on him, and now he gets to pick on someone smaller than him. Is that what your doing Jeff?

He really thinks Phoenix will end up with a lottery selection next year. He could be right, Nash is starting to age and has lost a step, and the Amare trade rumors continue to swirl, so Phoenix might very well have a lottery selection next year. Suns fans will be happy to know that they will get a 2nd pick in the first round in the 2008 draft next year, since they will get Atlanta’s pick from the Joe Johnson trade. This will not be a lottery pick, because THE ATLANTA HAWKS WILL MAKE THE PLAYOFFS NEXT YEAR! GURANTEED!

Amateur reporter Jeff Fox has no problems mentioning the Hawks blunders in previous drafts. Yes the Hawks passed on Josh Howard from the Dallas Mavericks, like the rest of the teams in the NBA did too! He compares Luol Deng from the Bulls like he is so much better than Josh Childress of the Hawks. Here’s the numbers and you can tell me.

LUOL DENG Started 82 games (37.5 MPG), 18 points per game, .59 blocks per game, 1.18 steals per game, 7 rebounds a game, 77% from the free throw line, 51% FG percentage from the floor, 2.5 assists a game

JOSH CHILDRESS Started 13 games (36.8 MPG), 13 points per game, .65 blocks per game, 1.05 steals per game, 6 rebounds a game, 79% from the free throw line, 50% FG percentage from the floor, 2.3 assists a game

Now is this really a huge blunder? These stats look pretty similar to me, and I think either player would give you the same production as the other. So calling this a draft day blunder doesn’t make no sense. Jeff Fox also forgot to tell you about Josh Smith who went 17th in this draft, and all the teams that passed him up. Josh Smith was one of the top 3 guys in block shots this year, and he’s only 21 years old! Seems Mr. Knight (Atlanta GM) might have a little luck with him afterall. Not to mention if Indiana picks 10th in the draft, the Hawks would have only 1 draft pick this year. They got the top spot with Indiana, or at least as high as they could go, without surrendering the pick to Indiana, by picking 11th!

Then he goes on to mention the Hawks passing on Derron Williams and Chris Paul, and selecting Marvin Williams out of North Carolina. I don’t even see how you can start to compare these young guys yet, especially when Marvin was born in June of 86′ and Chris Paul and Deron Williams was born in May of 1985 or earlier. Just another example of how Mr. Fox likes to pick on the smaller kid. I wonder if he was a bully in school? It’s not been determined yet, who got the best player here yet. Check back in 2015 and compare these 3.

I was even amazed to see his article on June 20th, which was so recent. Most people in the basketball circle see Atlanta trading this 3rd overall pick to move lower down in the draft. So not sure why Mr. Fox spent so much time speculating who Atlanta would take 3rd. This just shows you a good example why some people shouldn’t even be allowed to turn on a computer, much less write a sports article on a sport or a team that he knows absolutely nothing about.

I just wonder if backs up the author of this story?


Feel free to contact Mr. Fox for any comments on his June 20th Article about the Atlanta Hawks.

Share your thoughts

23 June, 21:23, by admin

Do you have an ideal about a service or a product that will improve people’s lives or make life better for many? Here you are wondering if your ideal has merit, will it sell, is it worth pursuing. You need these questions answered truthfully. With market research you will get your answers. Maybe it’s an invention you have come up with. The homework has to be done and be thorough. Will there be a demand for you ideal. Beware of these invention company’s that advertise on TV. Their interest and yours may be different. I am not saying that they are all bad; get the research done before you make any major decisions.

She wrote me a letter

23 June, 20:37, by admin

She wrote me a letter and said she couldn’t live with out me anymore. This was a popular song in the 70′s. Throughout our school years we all had some favorite writing pens that we just loved. The feel and the smoothness makes the pen. We wanted them to last forever but they never did. They either wound up lost or somebody else liked it as much as you did. You can still get good quality instruments to write with and not have to pay premium prices. You can even get pens customized to your specifications. With a little research and you can find them very reasonable. When you find that special pen, you may want to hang onto it.