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30 May, 01:34, by admin

Don’t you just love a beautiful water garden.I have seen some that cost more than some homes I have seen.Some with great falls cascading down a hillside and surrounded with an array of different flowers blooming,water lilly’s, hyancinth, lotus, and varied brands of Japanese Maples placed perfectly.A beautiful site but not without a lot of hard work.

I was so impressed by these works of art, that I just had to have one.So I began my research on these complex gardens.My wife and I designed our little garden,as well as all the labor involved.The outcome was pleasing to us.We also incorporated some Japanese Koi fish in ours.

We soon found that a water garden is a little more work than expected.Trying to keep the water at ideal conditions for every thing to co exist, was trial and error, and we had our share of both.Our Koi would come to the surface at feeding time and almost take the food from our hand, which took almost 2 years to get them to do this little trick.

Then comes the nocturnal animals of prey that decided that a fresh fish meal was the Tonights special.So 1 by 1 our fish dissapeared.Another explaination of these events could it be that our fish grew legs and just left home?Probably not, but still a thought.

After all the hard work and all the losses we had,we still love our little water garden.It is so soothing and relaxing when we get the time to enjoy it.Dont let all the little Quirks keep you from water gardening,slow down and live life the way its supposed to be,Free Flowing and beautiful

Homeless America

29 May, 02:12, by admin

I was rudely awakened this week about the homeless people in our great nation.I never gave it a lot of thought before, until I happened to know someone who became homeless.This couple I am talking about,are,and were productive citizens of our country.

It seems as if some hard times had fallen upon these people.He had hurt his back at work,on a job he had held for 12 years.After several trips to the Dr’s,and doing all kind of therapy etc..He returned to work.Good ole corporate America,his employer decided that he had become a liability to the company.So they released him from his job with the excuse that his job had been eliminated.

Still injured he was released from his job.Unable to function at 100%he tried a few other jobs that he couldnt do.They fell behind on their bills,and foreclosure on their home proceeded.They went through all their savings and sold all their property to try to survive.It didn’t work for them.

They lost their house and they live in a tent,working at what ever jobs they can get and trying to live.They are good people and our own government could care less about them.They don’t qualify for assistance.

What does it take in our Great Nation to help people who need just a little help?I don’t know.What I do know is that every homeless person or family are not people who are Drug abusers,under achievers,worthless,non motivated people.Lots of them are just like You And I.

I will help these people get back on their feet,and live the life they have worked so hard for in the past.What would YOU DO?

BlogCatalog Community Fundraising Event Challenge for Public School Teachers & Students

28 May, 14:55, by admin

Today and all this week is when bloggers will be spreading the word for a good cause. It’s to help teachers and students around the New Orleans area. Hurricane Katrinia’s aftermath is still very much alive around parts of New Orleans, and Louisiana. You can help this cause in two ways.

Help Public School Kids by Funding by Participating in a DonorsChoose Challenge. You can make a donation that will help us get closer to our goals. We have a $25,000 goal, and are hoping to blow that number away. If you can’t afford a donation, then help to spread the word with your blogs. Copy this post or make your own, and just be sure to include Blog Catalog’s link for the event. Blog catalog is the one that is getting this charity event together. My hats off to Blog Catalog and their efforts!

To make a a donation, you can go to the

Here is more info on the event:

The BlogCatalog buzz experiment started by Mona was a huge success. The real message of the experiment was that the BlogCatalog community can come together & accomplish amazing things.

Since the Buzz Experiment, the BlogCatalog team has looked for a way to pull the community together for a Charitable cause that will benefit Children. It is amazing how challenging it was to find a way for the community to contribute directly to a charity without there being a tax to BlogCatalog and without us having to collect the donations.

Today however we found an organization called that makes it really easy to hold a Community Fundraising Event and we are really excited to announce the NEW BlogCatalog Community Challenge for Public School Teachers and Students

Let’s come together on May 28th. and prove that bloggers can do a whole bunch of good and that we aren’t limited to chronic complainers, contrarians or people who just want to hear the sound of their own voice.

Let’s Prove that a LARGE Group of Bloggers Can Come together For a Lot of Good!

The purpose of the BlogCatalog Community Fundraising Event is to come together and raise money for our public schools. We have set the goal to $25,000. Hopefully we can blow this goal away and raise far more money. If we do we will have set a precedent that will enable our community to do a bunch of good for other causes in the future.

So What Should You Do?

On Monday May 28th, write a blog post asking all your readers to make a donation.


28 May, 14:28, by admin

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So if you are a advertiser or a blogger, then look to Bloggerwave to help your cause. There’s a lot of power that can come from blogs. Make sure you are using blogs to maximize your efforts on the internet!

The Stud Master

25 May, 14:29, by admin

No its not a xxx film, Its a invention I have a patent pending on. It will lay out the studs for a wall on a 16 inch center, Its self stamping and self inking, it will save the constructions a good amount of time because they don’t have to pull a tape and mark the plates for the placement of the studs. I will let you know how it goes.
Robert Brown
215 lewis Way
Canton, Ga

Show her how much you really care!

14 May, 12:36, by admin

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Relax and enjoy a vacation on your island of choice in the Caribbean!

13 May, 06:40, by admin

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Something for Every Occasion

13 May, 06:36, by admin

Now, more than ever, it’s become easy to send flowers online. I mean, why spend your time searching through a shop that may or may not have what you want when you can just point, click, and have a bouquet delivered to whomever you want. What’s even better is that with Vogue Flowers, you get fresh flower delivery every time. I know that whomever you send flowers to will appreciate that. I know I would. Go ahead and see why people are clicking to send flowers instead of shopping at the store.

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Ice Redirecting Sun Rays?

10 May, 03:46, by admin

It’s true, that ice can redirect the sun’s rays. It’s actually a very important process that is in our atmosphere. The polar ice caps that are located on the top and bottom of the Earth, are frozen all year long with ice. Now the sun sends down rays of light, that contain a lot of heat and radiation. When the sun rays hit the ice on the polar caps, it just redirects them back into the atomsphere. Which is a good thing.

Now they are many factors that are attributed to global warming. This process of ice redirecting sun rays is one of them. Since the Earth’s temperature has been rising. There is now less ice on each end of the polar caps. Now with the less ice we have, is the less the sun rays have to bounce off. Instead they are just landing into the ocean. Now when the sun rays hit the ocean, they don’t bounce off. The water takes them in, and therefore causes the temperature of the water to rise. Now as the water temperatures rise around the polar caps. It causes more melting of the ice that is constantly having to deal with the warm waters splashing up on it. As more of the polar caps melt, the more water that is visible for the rays of the sun to hit.

Now this is a process that is only getting worse each day. We are losing more ice form the polar caps each year during the warm months, for each end. This is a disturbing pattern that needs the attention of all the world leaders. Global warming is a serious issue that we are going to have to deal with. The sooner we do, the better it will be. This isn’t something our kids and grandchildren are going to have to deal with. It’s something we are going to be face to face with, in just a few short years.

Growing The Tomatoes

07 May, 00:35, by admin

I have planted about 80 tomatoe plants in my backyard. I really like the fresh home grown tomatoes, over the store bought ones. You can really taste a big difference in my opinnion. Now getting fresh homegrown tomatoes for homemade soup is key. Just adding corn and okra to your fresh tomatoe soup is great. If you have a little ground beef you can throw in it, will make it good too.

Now getting some cornbread and fresh homemade soup is my kind of meal. I do like eating green tomatoes too. There’s nothing like some good fried green tomatoes. If you never tried it, you might not like it at first. It’s kinda an acquried taste, but once you get the craving you will eat it up. It’s hard to find green tomatoes. Getting them in supermarkets or your favorite restaurants is rare. Sometimes the fruit stands won’t even have them. So to insure you have green tomatoes, you might have to grow your own too. I just need a lot of rain for the state of Georgia now. So my tomatoes can get busy growing!

Performance Management

05 May, 17:51, by admin

As a company you need to be able to track performance from all areas to identify those that are performing well and those that are not. The 80/20 holds true in most cases so that 80% of your business and profit will come from 20% of your customers. Using corporate performance management software you can identify areas of opportunity and where to invest additional resources. Finding key areas in your business that may be resource intensive and not adding to the contribution of the company can be evaluated and then those resources re-deployed to other areas of the business.

Acorn Systems enables meaningful and sustained profit improvement by providing continuous enterprise-wide visibility into business performance. How? Acorn combines a unique and proven consulting methodology with a highly scalable, sustainable software platform to provide a superior profit improvement solution.Our solutions enable you to confidently measure, optimize and predict costs, net operating profits, EVA, capacity and resources at any level of granularity such as by customer, supplier, product, facility, transaction and more.