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Dream Manifesto

18 March, 17:53, by admin

How can your dreams help you become successful. The Dream Manifesto – The Quantum Method for Manifesting Your Dreams provides some insight and direction on what to make of your dreams. Based on the basis of Quantum Physics, which states “that by the act of observing you’re already starting to create and manifest reality”. For example, if you hold the belief that you do not have enough money, then your reality will reflect your thoughts. Since your thoughts are the blueprint of your experiences. Thought the Dream Manifesto software you can help teach yourself to realize those thoughts into reality.

So how does the Dream Mainfestiation software work. Is it some type of hypnosis? Is it a series of recordings that you play at night as you fall asleep, repeating over and over, “You will be successful” Not exactly. Through a simple Dream Manifesto Wizard in the software, it will ask what dream you want to manifest. Then with the built in dream questionnaire it will help to provide a guideline of your abilities and strengths. By helping to discover your passions, you can then realize your dreams.

You will then tell the Dream Manifestation Wizard™ how often you would like to program your subconscious, and it will create a mulitmedia presentation which will then run in the background and provide subtle clues about the intervals you asked for.

As the Dream template appears on your PC, you are notified by a soft tone, thus focusing your attention on the screen, which is your dream you have outlined, then you begin to manifest that dream. It provides the tools to help you not only put your dreams and goals on paper, but provide a rich medium in which to help you visualize and manfiset those dreams. To simply say “I want a new job” will not get you anywhere. You have to be able to visualize that dream or goal, and through the Dream Manifestation Wizard™ this will help in that process.